Hey Dear !
This is for you.
Don’t have many words to explain,
but, certainly, this verse will stir you.

There was a Boy,
He had gone through a rough time.
Tides left no opportunity to engulf him,
Darkness followed him everywhere,
And he tried hard to resist, to escape.

Everyone turned their back on him,
Some stabbed him from behind.
Even his friends ditched him,
And He was left alone crying.

Poor Chap !
Time was running against him,
Even the mighty didn’t respond to his plea.

But as they say,
“where there’s will there’s a way”.
He continued on his way,
withstood all the odds and misfortunes.
He kept sailing in the storm,
faced every ordeal with all might.

And One Day,
things changed, bettered for Good.
Everything started falling down in a line,
things started making sense.
And it seemed, God fetched him some time.
Suddenly, he started cherishing things he has been longing for,
And started getting everything, he wanted dearly.

He felt, life isn’t that bad.
It only tests you – although, with all its might.
Only those who have courage can pass it.
Most of us bend down before the fate,
But this isn’t what life is all about.
It only gives you things when you deserve it.
And for that to happen,
You have to pass through the setup, framed for you.

So, my little bird.
I know, the black clouds have gathered around you
But like they say,
“Every Black Cloud Has A Silver Lining”
And soon, this darkness will scatter.
And you will achieve everything  you’d dreamt of
you will accomplish all your goals.

All you need is to hold on,
Hold on for a little while.
Keep your spirit up,
And You will certainly fly higher, higher & higher,
The whole sky will be yours to fill,
With mountains of joy and colors of your choice.

Just believe in yourself for a while and
Soon you shall rise,
To fly higher, higher & higher into this huge Sky.

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