I won’t fall in love again.
Because it hurts a lot.
When someone you are in love with,
Leaves you alone on that path.

My eyes hurt from crying,
My heart is tired of trying,
Trying to erase her memories,
Trying to root her out,
Out of my heart and from my mind.

I won’t fall in love again.
Because it gives nothing but pain.
When in dreams, she is with you,
And in reality, you’re immersed in tears and pain.

I gave her love,
I gave her everything.
I promised to be with her,
And in return, asked for nothing.

I never went away from her for a second.
Still, she let someone come closer.
She defied my heart, ditched my feelings,
Broke all promises, we’d made together.

I won’t fall in love again,
I don’t regret a single thing I’ve done.
I don’t regret the decisions I’ve made.
What shatters me from inside is,
Everything I did, I did to be with her.

I wish, we’d never met
I wish, we’d never known each other.
But it happened,
And I fell in love with her.

But, now.
my eyes are open wide,
And my mind is awake.
both say one thing
“Don’t fall in love again”
It hurts a lot when nobody seems to care.
because no one knows your pain, your ache.

I have understood.
This pain is all mine,
Only and only mine.
And only I got to live with it for my whole life.
To treasure for good and for worse, through my life.
And, I’ll do it,
I won’t be hurt anymore.
Because I’ve got the heart of Steel.

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