I want to go back to those days
Those days of mine,
Those days with her,
When we both were nine.

Those days of summer,
The nights of chilled cold,
While the silence of morning broke,
By the chirp of a cuckoo, the bird.

When in the morning,
We would rush for the school bus.
Everyday fighting for the window seat,
her puppy face would always make me surrender.

I still remember the recess periods,
Those moments reside inside me,
When I would snatch her lunch,
With frowning eyes, she would stare at me.
But I had to share the bites with her,
Because her red face would sting me like a bee.

In class, I would always sit with her,
And sleep all the time.
But when exam came on my head,
And I was scared, fear gripping me.
But she was the one who actually helped.

She taught me everything,
From me, she pulled out the best from the worst.
And when the results came,
I stood second, and she came first.

I want those moments back,
Those days of mine,
Those days with her,
When we both were nine.

In hot summers,
We both played under the shade of the tree,
I still remember the day,
When we climbed it up to set a bird free.

She climbed above so high,
And I was still standing on the ground.
The sting of Jealousy  forced me to climb,
Poor me, I fell down and got an awful wound.

With pain, I was only groaning,
But she sat beside me and kept crying,
While I was wiping those trickles off her face.
To ease the pain, every method she was trying.

And like this,
Time flew, and, we both grew up –
Playing, running, sleeping,
Fighting in the morning,
laughing together in the evening.

Swiftly, time rolled on,
I became a tall and healthy boy.
She turned into a beautiful, charming girl,
But still, we both were gripped with the same childish joy.

We still go to school together,
She still sits by my side.
We still share the lunch,
But something has changed between her and me.

Although we’re  still together
And  walk on the same road,
There’s something missing.
Something strange has happened.

Maybe the tides of time
brought changes in us.
Maybe the hearts have changed,
Maybe the feelings have different purposes.

She still considers me her friend,
But for me, she is the girl, my girl!
For her, I’m just a part of life,
To me, She is my whole world.

I don’t know how with time,
These feelings rose in me higher.
One thing which hurts me,
Questions, why it happened to me and not to her?

Don’t know what has happened?
These plans were never mine.
Which I had  made,
When we both were just nine.

Dear Lord, I want those days back,
Those days of mine,
Those days of her,
When we both were just nine.

Maybe those days,
bring her back to me.
Maybe we could live life together
Like we did and I wanted to.

Perhaps, those days return back,
To the boy, his girl.
Maybe the flowers would bloom again,
In his withered world.

God bless me with those days,
When we both were just nine.

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