If we were to be a bunch of almosts,
We’d be almost best friends,
We’d wait for each other at that crossroad,
Wait for each other to come back to us and finally let out all the drama,
We’d hold on to each other even after that big fight,
Even after we said that we’d never look back,
Even after each had the chance to crumble out of this relation.

If we were to be a bunch of almosts we’d be the perfect coupling,
We’d enjoy that one dirty picture together,
Talk, talk and talk because distance or rates never mattered,
We’d sing that one song so proudly and claim it be ours,
We’d ramble over each other and crib for that last bite of ice-cream.

If we were to be a bunch of almost anything,
I’d be that, with you,
I’d be that almost best friend,
And not bother about the world,
I’d be the one you’d hold on to for chocolates and hugs cannot make everything right.
I’d be your perfect coupling,
And your almost infinity.


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