Crossing The Rubicon

‘Arachnophobia’,Mysophobia’, ‘Glossophobia’, ‘Xenophobia’, a mention of these complex words may bring jitters to you. You may start wondering the reason behind picking these jawbreaking terms? Well, just so you know, these are the most commonly found phobias among people across the world. Though she belonged to this same population, she was a little different; Unlike these common phobias, she had the most uncommon ‘Hydrophobia’.

Yeah, she was scared of water – never jumped into a pool, nor took any water ride in any amusement park when all of her friends had screamed loud of that adrenaline rush. She used to avoid going near any water body – be it still or running. This fear became the nightmare and bitter reality of her existence. Though nobody bullied her, all that she wanted deep down was to forget this fear and get close to water. She knew she could not stand outside when all of her friends had fun in the mighty AquaLoop. She was sure, she had to do this. By undertaking the war against her fear, she decided to join the “Swimming Classes for beginners” after her office hours as she had waited enough on this side of the road longing to meet her beloved on the other side. Now, it was the time to take steps towards it and claim it hers. This was the challenge she took and wasn’t ready to lose at any cost.

Initially, she was tumbling with fear on one side and on the other, after working for a whole day, she was battling to keep up her spirit for the splash. But, these couldn’t be the reasons for her to avoid herself from taking a step close to that square pool. Even if the instructor threw her into the pool from the edge where the pool was 8 feet deep, still she was not allowed to say ‘No’. When she was completely inside the water, and every second she felt the fear gripping her tightly, she didn’t give up and made effort relentlessly to stay put. It was not her heart but the mind giving the orders and she had no choice but to follow them unquestionably.

It’s been a year now and she hasn’t looked back even once. Not a day went by when her heart didn’t try to convince her to say ‘NO’ to this crazy idea and be done with this drama. Thanks to her determined mind, she didn’t stop and kept going near to water to recognize her fear from close, understand its weakness from the edge, and devise the strategy to fight it down in the right moment. Her endeavors didn’t go waste in vain as after 365 days in this death pool, she has the soul to face it boldly. Even after being a part of the incessant life-threatening adventure, she can shake hands with the opponent before jumping into the battlefield. After all this time, she can at least jump into this 4 feet deep swimming pool. Though she can’t swim like others but she has succeeded in taming the demons inside her who had kept her from this pool since eternity.

Amelia Earhart once said, ‘The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is mere tenacity. The fears are the paper tiger. You can do anything you decide to do. You can act to change and control your life; and the procedure, the process is its own reward.’

We all know, fear doesn’t ask us our strength and plus points before clawing around us, to engulf us completely; it shows no mercy. For her too, it had the same procedure in mind; slowly and completely disemboweling her wholly. But unlike others, she tried and stayed put. Before it could trap her in itself for the lifetime, she mustered the courage required to cut the way out through this trap. Now she can face it boldly, staring right into the eyes.

Fear is thus the paradigm that affects you the way you see it, wise would be to turn this little mystery to your benefit and drink that cup of success.


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