Dear Beloved,
I ‘m writing this verse to tell you that
I’m madly in love with every bit of yours and can never have enough of you.
You have bewitched my soul and fooled my mind.
And for that, I love you most ‘Ardently’.

I love the way you look at me.
Sometimes filled with affection,
Sometimes with fury.
Sometimes your suspicious eyes,
Flooded with questions,
Put me on the pins and needles.

Still, I yearn to remain before your eyes.

I love the way you smile at me.
Sometimes full of tenderness,
Sometimes stormy wild.
Sometimes your motivated lips,
Put on the curve,
trying hard to make me smile.

And I know, I’ll always crave to embrace your lips.

I love the way you touch me.
Sometimes malleable, sometimes feathery,
Sometimes dense.
Sometimes your backing hands,
Stay with me on the alarming turns of the life.

And I pray, no trouble befalls you.

I love the way you talk to me.
Sometimes with fervor,
Sometimes with apathy.
Sometimes with esteemed words,
That never fail to lift up my spirit.

I wish God bless you with the courage to endure any pain.

Hope, none of your efforts go in vain.
May he give you the strength to walk,
To fly and to run,
Miles ahead.

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