For Life, as we know it.

Have you ever felt like you have all the joys of this world in your hold and then all of a sudden, from that moment, it all goes back to where you began. From where once you stood in a crowd full of people to the stage of utter isolation. From where you could taste the dawn of the hopeful day to where the dusking sun could make you suffer.

There comes this void in your life where you experience all the joys and all the sorrows, both at once. Where, in the day you sore to success, and in the night you lose to your close ones. Where you once laugh with joy to where you cry and doze off while talking with your pillow.  One defines losing as the equal and opposite reaction to gaining new hopes in life. Where at the sacrifice of old buddies you find a new lover, to where you replace that lover with perhaps a new book. The cycle of life goes on.

“Filled with ups and downs”, isn’t that how we describe life?

Life, for me, is a carefree soul who desires to wander into the unknown and possess the most precious gift of all. Along the way, this wanderer finds many obstacles but it is up to the climax that one ought to wait for, to find out what he achieves. Whether he lets go of his innocence at the cost of the treasures or he uses this to his advantage to win the battle against the avalanche of problems. One must hold his horses to know if he loses hope and backs down or this defeat teaches him to score the highest.

There are times when we ought to let this carefree soul find how he can create the climax at his best, on his own.  We must let this soul battle with his own sword and get sharpened along the way fighting the war he has stood up against. Embrace his beauty and let him shine, for life, as we know, would end eventually and all that is left behind would be the fading impressions that are to be treasured as memories.

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