I’m currently standing in this field – vast, yet surprisingly empty,
Not a soul to be seen, neither dead nor alive,
None to perceive.

In this boundless pasture.
I’m standing alone, and standing beside me is this tree.
Tall, soaring to the sky, yet so quiet.
For once, I m feeling at ease.

Before I could relish this alone time, and settle down in peace.
A thunder wakes me up in a dreaded manner, inside.
My booming inner voice, my mind – the one, whom I sometimes despise.

It says to me,
“Hey fella, how can you be at ease?
You missing someone or have you forgotten everything?
Wait, meet the guy you fought within your office, yesterday.
Or imagine the flowers you liked when you were passing by that building.
I found you missing your family.

see them trapped and shut, deep, in your memories.
How can I forget about the girl you like?
she is here with me.

Are you ready with your plans to please her?
You better be good this time.
Ohh, good lord, your deadlines are coming. If you fail to deliver your work on time, you would be out of the office for sure”

“Well now, you stay all assured,
I – your companion
Will never let you stay alone.
I won’t let you miss a thing in this world
the love you harbor or the hate you let brew in your heart for others.
Well, I’m right here in this vast field, with you, inside you.”

For a moment
I thought I was alone in this lonesome field.
But I was wrong as I can never be alone
because I have this thunder within me forever, this inner voice that keeps talking to me.
Who follows me like the silent shadow.
Constantly breaking my peace and not for once letting me forget a thing
even in this vast empty field.

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