The splashes of water keep touching the face of a rock.
Coming towards it with full force, trying hard to break its core.
At any moment,
each molecule of water, with its might, approaches the shore.
Believing, it’s intense thrust or some magic will happen to weaken the strength of this big monolithic stone.

But in vain,
Every time, it traces back the same path.
This deadly rock is not ready to break.
Each time retreats with a heavy heart to submerge into the ocean, not to settle down but to rise again with more power to smash this adamant stone.

If sadness could stop this determined ounce of water,
then the humans would have never seen the grain of sand,
they see on the seashore, everywhere, every day.

The splashes of water keep hitting hard – on and on,
till this solid rock starts shaking and finally break into pieces one day.

And like this,
Breaks the shell of Zara with Ambar’s powerful words.
Finally, when he bends down on his knees and proposed to her on the shore.
Zar seems to forget everything bad happened and says ‘yes’.
And they both continue to watch the splash of water approaching the shore and trying hard to break one adamant rock, to win eventually.

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