Should I keep trying?
Should I keep crying?
Even when I’m tired of falling down
Should I still keep trying?

Lies and Lies,
All my life, I’ve been buying lies.
backstabbing and disloyalty,
every time, fidelity were rewarded with treachery.
Still, on every moment, I tried complying.
Should I still keep trying?

Eyes and Eyes,
Not watching out but, prying.
wherever I go, I face ‘Faces’,
pointed fingers and big mouths.
It breaks my heart, I’m just dying.
Should I still keep trying?

Problems and Problems,
Like a Mountain, they stand, horrifying.
Nothing seems okay, nothing is Fine.
I’m in between, around me, darkness is solidifying.
Should I still keep trying?

I thought a lot,
to find out, “Should I keep trying ?”
and my ‘Inner’ replied,
Yes, you should try.
You should keep trying.

You are ‘Alive
You are ‘Breathing‘, ‘Walking‘.
You are not dead, So don’t stop trying.

Let people spy and pry,
to bring you down, with all their little tricks.
Let problems block your way,
to stop you in between, they are playing.

If you stop here, you are letting them win,
leaving to you million reasons for crying.
And, I know
You are strong,
You are better than many.
Let them hate you,
You are your ‘Hero’

You just,
Believe in your dreams,
Have faith in your capacity,
You are so close to making best out of your life.

Just keep trying,
Don’t ask “Should I keep trying ?”
rather say, “I’ll keep trying till I get you and make you Mine”.


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