Every Gift Comes With A Cost

Hey, Happy Birthday. Here is your gift, open it quickly.
Ohh, Thanks. Wow, you got me a diary.
Thanks, well, I always wanted one to write in. Now, you have to get me more.
Yeah, I will give you more, but only if you fill this one with brilliant work.

‘Brilliant Work, Brilliant Work, Brilliant Work’, No! No! No!, shit, I can’t write a word. Why all the creepy thoughts coming in my mind, why can’t I think of something magical?. Am I stuck in the infamous writer’s block?

The story of a fledgling mind who wished to become a writer but the fever of writing ‘brilliant’ never gave him the power to scribble anything but stare at the blank diary after tearing apart anything that had been ever written.

My head burns!
Aches every time!
Whenever I pick that fountain pen and try to write something soulful.
but, this diary has to be filled with great stuff because It will make her happy.                             

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