The First Unmatched Kiss

May, 02, 2014                                                                                                                                                                     2 A.M

Dear Someone,

We were two strangers in the wood, amidst trees, rocks, and mosquitoes. The sky was clear and bright upon us. A gush of wind carrying with itself a flutter of ‘Twigs and Leaves’ came and passed by, but left one ‘Twig’ in my hair. Before I could pluck it out vigorously, you gently leaned towards me and brushed it off with your soft fingertips. Though shyness chilling my bones, my body craved for that touch more. We were sitting on the rock, so high that we could see the lightning city but all I wanted was ‘You’, all I needed was ‘You’. You were continuously talking, your words dripped in honey, pouring sweetness in my ears and all I wanted to taste was your ‘Lips’.  The need for that touch was rising and before it could take me down with its power, you came forward and gave me a peck on the cheeks. I still don’t know, if the lust for that touch was apparent on my face, in my eyes, or you actually wanted it too, but that one effort of yours drenched my thirsty soul and mounted courage in me at the same time to move closer to you and drink the honey from your pair of lips, yeah, I moved daringly for  a longing kiss.

It happened finally. I had imagined it many times before, but this reality was striking. Though I was lost in the moment, a clutter of questions mounted in me. For starters, why did we both close our eyes while kissing? I didn’t really get it clearly. Maybe, we wanted to get lost in that moment, or maybe it was the right way to share a passionate kiss. I opened my eyes once, maybe I was too curious to look into your eyes. Maybe, I wanted to see that brown face of yours and capture that radiance in my eyes, but it wasn’t wise and so I decided otherwise, to be in the moment completely. After a while, around my body, I felt your arms. On my back, your fingers were tracing a random path which I wasn’t sure but it started from the top and went down to the point where, if it had stayed for more, I could have gone mad with ecstasy. When you tried to grab me, the grip was tight but for the first time, it wasn’t suffocating me, it was rather comforting and warm. It was strange, how my body was molding and behaving as you demanded.

Suddenly my lips started touching something. It was delicate and quite soft. I must say, it was little watery and taste of it was strange a bit. But I didn’t care and kept drinking the nectar as I realized it was your lip, and God knows how I loved it the most. My tongue got entangled with something, something of its own kind. Weird as it was, the time wasn’t to assign this thing to my mind to figure my way out. I listened to my heart and trusted your mind. I  kept playing with it, copied its moves, and followed the way. To be honest, it was unimaginable and beyond whatever I had known. I wanted to keep doing it, but like everything on earth comes to an end one day, so did this. This moment came to rest, my tongue parted from its kind and the lips could no longer suck the nectar from yours.

But on a good note,  this one kiss, my first kiss with you left me so many things to crave for in the future. This starry night, the clear sky witnessed with me the magic of a kiss, I had never imagined. I could have missed savoring the intoxicating taste of your lips, had that one twig not fallen on my hair, and had you not moved closer to brush it off. That one peck on cheeks mustered the courage in me to write my story, live my dream. You gave me an unordinary moment in an ordinary place, which I shall remember forever – My ‘FIRST UNMATCHED KISS’.

Your Affectionately,
An Indebted Stranger.

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