Hey, Alice!, look over there,
Look there is something nice.
Behind the black curtains,
A hidden magnificent beauty lies.

Bob, I can’t get anything,
please elaborate a bit more.
What’s that black curtain,
the beauty you talk about, is it that pure?

Oh, Alice, you are nuts!
Okay! Listen to me closely.
I will explain everything,
you will understand this beauty solely.

Alice, Look at those black holes,
As dark as black coal.
no matter if you try to escape,
they will attract your complete soul.

Just in between,
there is a thin small hump.
Perfectly shaped,
unlike mine, it’s a fine bump.

Below that bump,
just notice those two petals.
delicate and smooth,
the touch of which can melt hard metal.

Oh, Bob!
stop it, I just don’t get it.
don’t make twisted talk,
end my agony, tell me, just spit it.

Okay, Okay, Alice!
listen in plain words.
but keep it with you,
I don’t want them to be heard.

Those Black holes,
They are two black eyes.
God knows better, but
Thousands of secrets they hide,

That little bump
It’s a nose.
petals are lips,
part of a beautiful rose.

Most important these things,
which has a flair.
that black curtain,
Oh! sorry, not curtains but cascades of hair, they hide this beauty carefully. everything is just amazing, I swear!!

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