Liberating A Dreamer

I could have ended as a fragile voice trapped in the darkness of this world, a deserted soul wandering towards your dream. But you liberated me from the shackles of burdening conventional expectations and set me free. 

Raina was a headstrong picture of sophistication, she was the perfect daughter, and the prettiest personification of ideals. She would never go unnoticed, and yet she was hollow, desperate for love. One beautiful evening, as she sat in the bright light of her gloomy chamber, a familiar voice called out to her from behind. As she lifted her frame from the pile of case files, a fragile body with a commanding voice flung a shining package at her. Shyly grabbing the package, she set the files in order, and without saying a word she jumped into those shoes which revealed from the shining package that he handed to her.

God, those shoes! how she wished she could fly with them again. Catch hold of the beasty speed and just let free. Though, it hadn’t been the same after that one day, that one fateful day when she decided to put her aspirations inside the closet and geared up to the tunes of her father’s wishes. She had been a dreamer, a wanderer, and the bolt that set the path on fire. But now, she was this spectacled firm lawyer who had graduated as the topper of her class, for which she had been rewarded with a heap of files. How she wished that her calculated moves would justify themselves and ignite a thirst in her work.

But that evening, that beautiful evening, was different. The man that walked hunched next to her, that one with the commanding voice, wished to change her track again. This time her role was even more delicate which demanded a shoulder of responsibilities. He was now old, and his voice weary. But her old man still had that gamble and gratitude in his tone. He held her hand tight and took baby steps to the city track.

As he neared the pitch, he positioned himself into the bench and poured his heart out to her,

Raina, Dear, I know you’ve worked all your life to satisfy my unfulfilled dream of becoming a practitioner of law. Even after your desperate attempts, I failed to understand your inclination and somehow in-spite of being aware of your passion, I forced you to embrace mine. I tormented you by keeping you thirsty for my love. I failed to give you the unconditional love of a father, a love so personified as unexpressed yet necessary. I failed to see your way into following your passion and bestowed meager signs of my love only to the times that you stood tall in your exams. Darling, I have failed you.”

A trickle of silvery moonlight dropped down her blushed cheeks. She’d died a little each day craving for his love. The society had depicted a picture of expectations and chosen careers along with enshrining the pious of parental superiority, but that day those words liberated her. He’d let her free, the chains now were broken and the responsibilities now lighter, she took a deep breath and as she wiped off those droplets, she kissed him on his hand. Cautiously towards her destiny, a breath of nervousness moved within her. She crossed her legs into position and at the count of “GO”, she took off on the track, this time, with even more valor and triumph.

Finishing her last circle, she slowed down. Her nervous breath now blown up, she exhaled to a new refreshed life. She’d been gifted an ultimate gift, that of freedom and love. She wanted to embrace her system of functioning and scream about her happiness. As she neared the bench, dripping in sweat, she saw her old man. Smiling. Rocksteady. Her dreams had finally been realized and he, he’d finally been released.

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