Forbidden Love

She’d gotten it all wrong. She often went there after the day her heart was shattered at the hands of the perfect man. She’d pinned her hopes to the clouds only to be torn apart day by day, cloud by cloud. Ripped!

Today, as she stood at the edge of that cliff slightly wiping off those forbidden tears, she felt a shadow standing beside her. It murmured silently,

Everything Heals. Everyone everywhere is stuck in a void at the every possible step in life. But your heart finds a way each time you say Buck Up. Your body heals each time you say Don’t Slow Down. You heal when you say that Happiness Is Just A Step Away, you need only to look. Give yourself time and explore, for Bad Times Don’t Last Forever. We all find love even if its forbidden and wrong in the eyes of world. 

In the calm of that moment, she felt a new feathery tingle down her spine and that day with her touch, she found meaning. She found the love which seems to be banished by all, in the presence of the shadow beside her. Seems she’d gotten it all wrong after all ‘Love is Love’

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