Looking through a window of hope, through a clear lens, it's like a story to tell. All you need is to love again and all you need is to be loved again.     

Yeah, you heard me right. I’m a sack of desires, a bundle of wants. Everyday, a gale of wishes rise in me and sweep away all the rationality with its roaring tides. I’m not ashamed to accept that an incessant hunger for ‘more’ keeps pushing me to delve in the deepest cores to unearth ‘Precious’,... Continue Reading →

“A girl was sold and was forced into the boiling hot strokes of agony to be ripped apart by the flames of lust. Everyday, she held the bars of small window and peeked outside imagining the world outside. One day, she dared and took off from that cage. Determined, she convinced herself that there was... Continue Reading →

Shame! Shame!

I know I’m dark and I don’t shine I’m the bitter liquor and not the glass of sweet wine I’m ugly and I don’t please I’m not the cold sea breeze which can appease I’m fat and I don’t fit I’m not curvy but flat, but I never asked for it. In this world of... Continue Reading →

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