Shame! Shame!

I know
I’m dark and I don’t shine
I’m the bitter liquor and not the glass of sweet wine
I’m ugly and I don’t please
I’m not the cold sea breeze which can appease
I’m fat and I don’t fit
I’m not curvy but flat, but I never asked for it.

In this world of misogyny
I’m the deserted body
Not to be picked
Not to be liked
To be loved by anyone.

But still, I exist.
Walk among you.
Breathe within you.
I smile, I laugh, I cry and I fall.
I do everything besides you.
I’ve not abandoned the ‘Beautiful Me’ yet.
As she is most darling to me
Even if it’s not on the surface but wrapped under the black skin you see.

I prefer being a parched soul for I am pure within.
Over the shining bodies which gleam with the new colours everyday, I prefer a shy monotony.  An afterglow of my talents pleases me rather than the blinding flashes of glamour. 
And hence darling, 
Shame On You & Not On Me.

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