A Bleeding Heart

And now when you are gone,
And when I’m left all alone,
My love for you Dear
Remained unseen, unknown.

Sitting in this silence,
I feel you everywhere.
I hear your whispers,
Still floating in this air.

The melody of your voice,
Still echoes in my heart.
Still refreshes my soul,
The scent that your body imparted,
leaves me yearning for more.

Pale light of the bright moon,
Reminds me of those nights.
When you would lend me your ears,
And I’ll keep murmuring till the break of the morning light.

These blushing meadows,
These vast fields of heather.
Make me want to stroll again,
Like we used to in those sunny days, together.

But, now I’m alone,
And all I have with me are these memories.
Stored in my mind,
Alive me in my heart.
By reliving them over and over,
You will be in my head, forever.

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