Choice Poise

‘Choice’ seems like an easy word but the implications of this six letter word can be hazardous too. Ignore my sadism because I’m drunk in this broad daylight. This moribund surrounding is affecting my intestine and forcing me to gulp on. The faces of these people are making me lose my senses and the screen I’m staring at, constantly pushes me to go on and drink more – drink the agony and ache in my head and body, as the pain is more intoxicating than the bottle of liquor I have. Yeah, the choices which we make can be equally good or bad, relieving or fatal, might dig our grave or become the ladder to success. The choices which can be our doomsday or our era of reign, choices which I might blame for a lifetime and curse myself for making them or choices which turn into the epilog of my success stories and get me patting on my back for making them.  

But despite knowing this, we all make certain choices, and I also made one. Now I know, the good or bad, whatever may come along with this choice, I have to accept as it was me who has made this choice for my own good sake.

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