Sand Mandala

The story of a sand Mandala is constructed from the unique philosophy that bestows an effect of purification and healing. Post its construction, after hours of dedication, it is wiped out and reduced to its original form.

Every day of our lives, we dream of being something big, something beautiful, and something meaningful. We dream to etch our mark in the board which will be embraced with golden arms of victory and tribute.

In this short beautiful life, while you motivate yourself to make it large, many problems will befall your way. Many ups and even many downfalls.  It is then, you should look at that phase as a monk would to a sand Mandala.
You should beautifully work to construct your problems into pleasing patterns.

Make them seem trivial and let their beauty overtake their filth.
Develop them while letting out all your issues and structure them to make meaningful solutions.

And then, with a whooping swish of your hand, wipe them.
Wipe them all out and reduce them to mere grains of sand.

Begin to realize, how important it is to be an enthusiast in life because that attitude will lead you to your goals. That attitude will let you open your arms and embrace it with full force. These lifeless grains of problems would not suck your life and they’ll motivate you to move on.

Because let’s face it, a life full of valor does not demand lukewarm credits.
Be the hot news of the day and embrace this Mandala of life.


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