A Wish From A Heartless Well Wisher

“You must be wondering,
Why had she attacked only that part which was so close to us?
Why, out of all the things, she chose to cut off that sensitive thread which connected us?
Why, out of all the strong moments,
she decided to butcher mercilessly only soulful memory we shared?”
Now Dear,
let me tell you,  Why?
Why I did so?

Sept 11, 2017                                                                                                                                                          3:45 A.M


I decided to murder it because that is what you’d used me for. I say “used” because I felt “used”. I felt exploited because your work was done and you left me. Not once, did you turn your back to see if I had fallen on the ground and was bleeding?. Not once, did you care to ask if I needed you when I did call for help, but you declined. At least, you could have had the courtesy to reply to my words. But, you didn’t, and so I decided to kill it; kill the part that kept this knot attached.

I know, I have portrayed myself as a strong and high headed girl and it’s true that way. But, you must know that when I can be ruthless, I can be sensitive too. If I can fight like valliant, I can fall like angel too. You shouldn’t have forgotten that just like you, I can have a rough time too and this time, I’d hit one such grey patch.  All this while, I could not help but weep. I did not shed those tears for you, but for us, as you were not with me, and so I decided to kill it; strangled that harmonious tone which sweetened our bond.

You, like always, so conveniently presumed that I wouldn’t mind or that you’d sway me back with you honey dripped words. But no, it is not happening this time. Because you know what you’ve butchered? you’ve destroyed my very soul and the writer that was once living in that abode. You always think of yourself. Friendship isn’t about thinking for yourself. I would have come back from all that, had you simply said sorry. Or not even that, had you simply said that you knew what you did wrong?. But, no it didn’t happen and so I decided to kill it; butchered the breathing affection that we shared forever.

Yeah, it had come down to that because even after numerous messages, you failed to respond to even one. Indeed, very typical of you – callous, mean nature, isn’t this what defines you?.  So I just wanted to give one last option, before I finally gave up. I shouldn’t even be saying this. But you’ve changed so much. There was a time when you’d still keep going post this point and bring out the volcanic eruptions in me, onto you, and calm me down. But no, this doesn’t happen anymore. And so, nothing like always will happen anymore. I won’t be your well wisher, your crying pillow, or your shoulder to lean on, rather I would be that one ruthless bitch who will make you suffer and pay for every single tear that I’ve shed for us. And so, just like that, I decided to cut that tender defining string once and for all. I decided to KILL IT.

Yours Only.
A Heartless Well Wisher


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