A Haunting Future

Last night, I had dream,
A very strange one.It told me something,
Something I remember vaguely.

All that lingers is that it was preparing me for something,
But, I had no clue for what?

I never had such a dream before,
So weird and terrifying,
Full of hate and agony.
Brimmed with darkness and pain,
So dull and lifeless.

In this dream, I was somewhere,
Somewhere, I never had been before.
A withered place, completely hostile,
It was an alien land to me,
I didn’t know what all it meant.

Everything there was diminishing,
Clouds were roaring,
And the wind was rushing,
Every twig was shaking.
Everything was just strange,
Seriously, beyond my thought’s range.

But, wait!
In that commotion,
I saw two shadows,
Dark, aggressive, and compact.
flooded with rage,
one was a boy, and other a girl.

One of them was loud, not ready to hold back.
chanting at the highest pitch,
It’s over! It’s over! It’s over!

Continuous stream of those three words,
It’s over’, didn’t make any sense.
but, I kept listening.
She was shouting aimlessly,
Shattering the poor lad’s soul, stabbing his body ruthlessly.

He cried, He begged.
Oh! That poor thing.
His words had no effect on the lady.
She was blindfolded by vanity,
Failed to see beyond her insanity.

Time was flying,
both of them were arguing.
And finally,
It all came to an end,
With those parting words, they bid each other adieu.

But I was curious to know,
Who were they, Why did I dream about them?
I stepped forward and got closer,
Looked at the two and my senses shattered.

What I saw was a bolt from the blue!
I woke up from that dream shouting,
No God please, Oh my God please, Don’t do this

How can it be possible
The shadows I saw was Me and My Girl,
The couple which got separated was ‘The perfect us’.

God, what was this all about?
what did you want to say?
We have been doing great but
why did you want to end it this way?

Fighting with my own demons
I kept crying, fighting.
Now I’m all awake,
But still, this thought haunts me.
The thought of separating from her,
Is lighting a fire.

I don’t know why I dreamed it
I never had one like this before,
And would never dream one over.

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