Letter To A Long-Forgotten Diary

Oct 17, 2017                                                                                                                                                          1:45 A.M

Dear Long-Forgotten Diary,

Remember the time when this gadget in my hand did not type conversations and my fingers yearned to pour out all my plight into your fragrant pages? Remember, sitting out alone on those rainy days with your silent company reading out words and refreshing memories? These faded memories of our time are cheerful as they are painful.

I miss those days when I could scribe and let go off all my demons into your pages. You would be my sole confidant for revealing my ‘darkest secrets’ and my ‘worst crimes’. I would come back from school and write about my new crush and how I smiled shyly when he asked me out for the school dance. I would mention in complete detail about my petty fights with Mom and would ask you for some magic advice, knowing way too well that I’d have to ultimately go and apologies. My silvery tears would find their peace after they dampened your pages. You had sworn to be my witness and I had sworn to keep you. Always.

But soon times changed. In the busy days and the hectic lives that caught up with technology, I started pushing you deeper into the shelf. Excuses found their way for not opening you. Suddenly I was too lazy to glance at you and my new found “friends” became my eager listeners. I believed them to be your replacement but none, no one, could ever replace you. You have seen me in my worse forms and into my happiest days. Despite all the food spills and coffee impressions on your pages, you maintained your spotless image as my ally.

Mother always told me that life is like a flower that is planted in the garden. You see yourself grow, bloom and wither, only to wake up again in the brightest form to the yellow sunshine of this shining sun. 

Your  keeper,
A friend wanting to come back.


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