Never Truly Yours

Dec 3, 2017                                                                                                                                                          4:23 A.M

Dear Mr. X,

That was the toughest day for me, the most anxious one. While holding the wedding card in my hand, I’d only hoped that it’d have borne your name on it. What had distance done to us and how had fate taken away the most precious thing that we shared. All those promises had faded over the rare calls and all those moments you had left me with, had not been enough to hold me in place and wait for you to come along. Hell, I didn’t even know whether you wanted to come back. You had chosen to move to the remotest state and if only skype could teleport me there with you by your side, this day would never have come. Or maybe, it would have, who knows? This day and that day!

It seemed that it was just yesterday when I had waited the whole day for the sun to set here and for it to rise there. I could not hold myself anymore and have already thought about a million ways to break the news to you. That job letter had worked its way to me and had left me standing on my toes the whole day. After all that had followed in the past year and after all those distances, I was finally going to meet you soon, maybe even if it was for a day; little did I know that this call that I was about to make would end our bond forever.

You know, I was mad at you till almost the beginning of this letter. But now with this card in my hand and with the company of a complete stranger, I am ready to move on. That day, you had no right to tell me what career choices I had to make, and I had been correct in shouting it out to you. I had never stopped you, then what entitlement did you feel over my choices? This stranger that I am moving on with today, understood me better than a person who had known me from the day I’d learned to spell words.

This will be my last message to you today, because frankly dear, I give zero fucks about you. I am happy of what I am today and I can only hope that one day you find someone to bury your chauvinistic ego. That one day when this ego dies, you see clear and look back at this letter and this wedding card and only hope that I’d borne your name on it.

Never truly yours


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