Colorful Riot

No, don't! Don't ask for my color as I'm not just One. I looked white on the day we crossed each others path, I turned yellow when we met for the first time, I remember, I kept changing to orange with each meeting of ours. It was pink when you smiled at me and I blushed... Continue Reading →

The world is a dangerous place. But this truth is as historic as it is futurist. I believe, almost everyone has been raised in an unbelievably condensed world where everything seems easy to access, be it the Coldplay’s music we listen to every day, the branded jeans we wear, the McDonald's burgers we eat, the... Continue Reading →

There is this divine moment in everyone's lives, where one has taken all that has come to their way and is simply done with it. It is at this moment that one realizes that the only person you need to make yourself happy, is yourself and it is at this point that your entire life changes.... Continue Reading →

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