epiphany (ɛˈpɪf(ə)ni/) : A Moment Of Sudden & Great Revelation Or Realisation.

There is this divine moment in everyone’s lives, where one has taken all that has come to their way and is simply done with it. It is at this moment that one realizes that the only person you need to make yourself happy, is yourself and it is at this point that your entire life changes. Your life now becomes what you always wanted it to be. This is your epiphany.

Though you were somebody, you will always be my favorite nobody. In the toughest pilate of life, you were that exerted move I had made to hold from drowning. Having hardly seen each other and conversations being our only confidant, we were bound in a complex enslavement of haunting memories, false hope, and angry entitlement. But as my phase, my epiphany struck me, I was freed from that complex enslavement which demanded me to always forgive and restart. With each unthought flowing word, I let go of the bonds.

Today, dancing a butterfly dance, hugging my long-lost happiness I rejoice in the sound of my new-found epiphany.


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