Globalization – retreating or advancing.

The world is a dangerous place. But this truth is as historic as it is futurist.

I believe, almost everyone has been raised in an unbelievably condensed world where everything seems easy to access, be it the Coldplay’s music we listen to every day, the branded jeans we wear, the McDonald’s burgers we eat, the cellphones we are holding in our hands right now, no matter where these are originated but we can access them all.

Yes, I’m talking about the global village that we all have been living in. The dream was to build a system where people could make choices from the varieties of products, services, from around the globe, where people can travel to places and can work for companies they never have never imagined before, can get even the smallest piece of information just at the click of the button, in short, an idea which promised to lift all boats in both rich and poor countries. Some predicted it to be irreversible while others called it inevitable.

But, did this dream really come true? Did this utopia get actually translated?

Perhaps not. The new century is changing, it’s changing than ever before. Last year the entire world was stunned when Brexit happened or when Greece was cornered by the lenders and it almost decided to exit EU. The rise of Donald Trump to power in the US, anti-immigration, nativism, right-wing politics are just a few examples of an uncomfortable fact that people all over the world no longer conform to the idea of globalization. They are just not ready to buy the policies of development that have made them feel marginalized and neglected on their own lands, in their own nations.  

But the question left unanswered here is why?

Why is globalization faltering despite the supporters claiming it having the potential to make this world a better place to live in? Why have the people started feeling so suffocated that they seek every opportunity to free themselves from its wicked shackles?

Well, let’s look at the other half of the picture. What images come to your mind when I say the word GLOBALIZATION? Some of you might think of the huge container ships going around carrying tonnes and tonnes of goods, or shiny shopping malls well stocked up with all western brands or big MNCs serving your dream jobs on a platter. But, I suppose none of us would rather get the images of big industrial plants releasing tonnes of air pollutants or pipes flushing out the sludge in the seas or would see workers manufacturing garments in a place too dingy and horrid to survive. Nobody would imagine the extent women are being trafficked every year for prostitution and domestic work or the number of unskilled poor who went jobless because someone at the other end of the world possessing advanced technology just snatched their work away.The gap between the rich and the poor is unprecedentedly high

No wonder why eight of the world’s richest people own as much wealth as half of the human race.

Then why shouldn’t one resist, one agitate or become intolerant?

Thus, the backlash against globalization is real and it is growing. Whether Globalism has harmed us more than nativism would ever do, I don’t know, which gear should globalization be in, I don’t know, but I do get scared when I am looked with suspicion while I walk down these roads wearing a headscarf or when I hear a French presidential candidate insisted that children who don’t eat pork should be made to eat chips instead and my heart sinks when I hear the  cries of innocent homeless children victimized by war and bloodshed begging for food and shelter on streets. What scares me is this rise of extremism that is taking place in the wake the anti-globalization wave.

Now I think I understood what Pebler meant when he says “The world is a dangerous place but this truth is as historic as it is  futurist”

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