14th Feb – no different from any day

We fall in love when our imagination projects nonexistent perfection upon another person. One day, the fantasy evaporates and with it, love dies – Jose Ortega y Gasset

How quickly days roll,
And Time flies swiftly.
Past returns back to me,
In no time, so quickly.

14th Feb,
Valentine Day.
A day to fly for the lovebirds.
A day to come closer for the soulmates.
A day to step forward for the intimates.

All over the world,
Anyone who loves someone waits for this day.
To display his deepest emotions.
To his partner, in his own way.

I was also one of them.
I used to wait for this day too.
Would try to make it blissful,
And celebrate it, by trying out something new.

this time,
Time has changed.
With this day, Past has also returned
But with bitter memories,
And bleak future ahead.

He is no longer with me.
He is now long gone, far away.
Leaving me alone in pain.
To witness this valentine day.

Coming back to me
Staring at me into eyes
Mocking me, laughing at me
Bluntly asking “Are you Okay?”
And I say, ” Yeah, I’m alright”.
But I know from inside,
I’ll never be fine.

14th Feb.
This day is no longer special to me.
Right Now,
I have a cheerful past
Amazing memories
Immense Pain
And, no one to celebrate it with.

14th Feb,
The most awaited ‘Valentine Day’
I know,
this day would never stop from returning to me
It will always stand in front of me
Stare at me into my eyes
Strike me hard every time.
Keep inflicting pain into this already hurt body
Trying to take the revenge
As I have lost all its worth in me
For me, its another day.

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