This Is What He Did On Getting Fired From A JOB ?

Please, read it till the end 🙂

Bob, You are Fired,
What? Why? – No Warning, Not Notice.
Your performance didn’t meet the expectation, so company decides to terminate your employment. Please, follow the termination process.

‘Hope you do well in the future’, ‘Best of luck for the future endeavor’ everything seems less convincing and relieving when the mind is occupied with disturbing comments like ‘You are Fired’, ‘Sorry, you didn’t meet the expectations’. A truckload of questions start colliding ones very existence and identity, overwhelming reasons start sprouting from the memory bed and try to harmonize with consequences, one is facing. It sucks, honestly.

He was no different. Just like others, he was dumbstruck when he got fired. A mountain of sadness fell on his shoulders, and he couldn’t gather the strength to pick his ‘termination letter’ from the table. He was shattered and void of confidence. But unlike others, this gush of sadness, skepticism could not mount for more than a couple of minutes. He picked his letter, collected all his belongings from the desk, shaken hands, waved a big smile at everyone and stepped outside the office. Booked a cab, reached home, had a cup of coffee and lied down on a bed for some time.


After 2 days, It was time to  “Stop Thinking And Start Acting”
  • He started preparing the current resume – one page resume with necessary details mostly about a project he has done and skills honed in previous companies – no personal interest, no extracurricular activity, no academic achievements, no personal details. In one line each, he explained his
    • Bio
    • High School, Undergrad, Grad school Marks
    • Area of Interest
  • Shortlisted the companies where he can fit in with a current set of skills and pool of knowledge. It was really important to narrow down to selective few companies to increase chances of resume getting shortlisted.
  • Updated his ‘Linkedin Profile’ to get noticed by a larger number of companies. Started connecting with more people – HR, Friends, Seniors, and Anyone who could help him in hunting a good job.
  • Contacted some consultancies, reverted to all the emails he received in past saying – ‘Hey, Now I’m looking for a change, will it be possible for you to find me some good options’.
  • Started studying, brushing up all the basic concepts. Didn’t want to show blank face on being asked questions during interviews.

He wanted to prove his mettle in any case

He didn’t let the “ship sink”
  • Every day, he used to see his friends waking up, getting ready for the job. While he was alone in the home, he never envied his friends doing their jobs. He didn’t succumb to despair, rather kept patience, remain attentive and vigilant, prepared to bang on the opportunity.
  • He didn’t disclose the firing incident to many, only his close friends knew about it. He didn’t tell his parents because In such situations parents mostly panic and jeopardize the situation.
  • He didn’t stop doing the daily chores he used to do. That is how he succeeded in keeping the tension at the bay.

He started getting calls, interview process started and step by step got closer to the Target  

After 2 weeks, He was on the "Top of the world"

After a lot of rejections and interviews, lady luck finally smiled upon him and he got a job –  an ambitious job in one of the established companies with a better salary package, close to his place and In the same city. What else he could have asked for? He was on cloud number nine, brimmed with all the happiness of this world, thankful to everyone who helped him in this rough patch.

Leaf, he took, from this whole episode in his own words.

I was heartbroken on getting fired, the dearth of confidence – didn’t know what to do. I could have drowned deep in despair but I kept myself strong. I felt bad and was emotionally wrecked because I never expected ‘for my work, I will be rewarded with this’. Instability crept into my mind and also in my life. But, I did not bend down, kept moving ahead, did whatever was required, knocked every possible door to seek help keeping my arrogance behind and the rationality hand to hand. I cried, but didn’t break into pieces because the need of hours was ‘Me’


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