An Apology Letter

Feb 21, 2018                                                 2:23 A.M                                                                                                                               

Dear BFF,

listen, I know you’re not in a mood and I won’t deny that this chaos has arisen because of my actions. Somehow, I cannot focus and keep on thinking about the way I talked and the way I had entire setup to ruin this beautiful connection we share.

This is the sole reason that I’m writing because ultimately you’re my closest friend and I cannot have you hurt, discouraged and disappointed like this. I know you had certain expectations and I could not come up to them mainly because of some things we best not discuss. I do not promise commitments but since this was and has been our commitment, I was wrong for not keeping it.

I just want you to know one thing. If I consider you as my punching bag I want you to consider me the same for you. Don’t silence yourself and curtail the heat within you and once in awhile let the bubble burst. I do hope you can forget and forgive my continuous nonsense and be normal again. Also, I don’t expect any replies because I know you’re not well or maybe not in a mood. But whenever you are, know this friend is at your step, waiting.

P.S. I really am sorry.  Goodnight.

Your BFF

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