Humanity On Deathbed!

Words Count: 148
Time to Read: 1 minute

This world is on fire!
Fire of greed,
Fire, to fulfill its desire.

Mankind has lost its dignity
Love, care, joy,
Everything is just far away from its vicinity

This world has no place for emotion.
To achieve big goals,
Humans have kicked out all relations.

Men have killed all feelings,
Everyone has just lost their mind,
The sparkle of their own dream world turned them into a blind.

This world has transformed into a place
Where everyone is busy running in a rat race
By ditching their fellow mates,
They are keeping their pace.

Homes are hard to find,
They are building maze
To achieve their interest,
One Man is keeping a thousand faces.

This is not the world, anybody wanted
Because no one has the same definition of the world.
In their attempt to make it their world,
The true world has lost its worth.


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