Cartoons, the best part of childhood.

If it weren’t for cartoons, our childhood would have been probably as dry as dust.
They made us laugh like some insane, cry like newborn, get into a fight for TV remote with siblings even parents, and much more.
Top of all, they taught us infinite lessons which helped us in one way or another to have grand life and we didn’t even realize when they imparted this valuable advice.

One of the dreams I had these days

Scooby: Let’s do what we do best Rahul, eat. Let’s go and eat Burger.
Me: No No, I can’t eat a burger. Uncle Popeye wants me to eat spinach.
Popeye: Yes dear, eat spinach. I’m strong to the finich, ’cause I eat
Spinach, I’m Popeye the sailor man!
Olive:  Help, Popeye! Save me! 
Popeye: Rahul, I have to save your Aunt Olive, gotta go.
Me: Okay Uncle Popeye. 
Scooby: Let’s, go and see what’s cooking in Dexter’s lab.
Me: yeah. let’s go.
Me: Hey Dexter, what’s up?
Dexter: Rahul, look, What a fine day for science!. I made this robot which will stop Dee Dee from entering my lab.
Dee Dee: Hi, Dexter! Oooooh, what does this button do?
Dexter: Don’t touch it, Dee Dee!

(Bam,  Bam, Bam)

Dexter: Rahul and Scooby, you guys go and see Johnny Bravo, He got a new hairstyle. I’ll catch you guys later.
Me: okay. But, come fast.
Johnny Bravo: Hey Rahul, It’s a beautiful day, but not as beautiful as me.
Me: hahaha Indeed, You look beautiful.
Mojo Jojo:  Attention everyone, I am your master, and you shall obey my commands like the dogs you are! Because I am your master, it is I who you will obey! 
Me: Oh power puff girls, help us.
Johnny: don’t worry, I’m one man Army.

(Dishum, Dishum, Dishum)

Johnny: Now he won’t scare anyone anymore.
Tom: Rahul, Help me catching Jerry- little rat brat.
Jerry: In your dreams, Rahul would help you to catch me. Lol.

Me: Shut Up you guys, Let’s go to the Johto League. Ash and Pikachu gonna fight today.
Tom: What, seriously, let’s go. But, wait, we need a plane to fly there.
Me: Don’t worry, Doraemon will help us. Doraemon please find in your pouch and get us plane.
Nobita:  Doremon quick, Oh wait, let me call Shizukaaaaa too. She would be happy to watch pokemon’s fight today.
Shizuka:  Thanks, guys, for calling me.
Me:  See, Dexter, Dee Dee, popeye uncle and olive aunt also coming with us.

Me: Let’s go everyone.  We all are so excited for the match. Let’s hope Ash win and throw us a grand party. I’m so excited to meet him.


                                                              — After 5 minutes —

: Why is it so dark. why I can’t see anyone. uncle Popeye where are you. Tom don’t you dare run after Jerry again. Where are you guys …. dexter, Johnny stop playing with me? where are you guys? Doraemon get me a torch, I need light.

Rahul, wake up, Don’t you know you have to get ready for class. We have an important lecture today.

Me: Dude, you just woke me up for something like a class. It was Ash’s game. I wanted to see it. 
Roommate: Shut Up, Stop dreaming about your childhood cartoons. It’s over now, LOL.
Me (Shinchan tone ): Don’t laugh, else you will get wrinkles on your face.


When we watch cartoons, we are usually teleported to a parallel universe where we are the creator of the world.  We eat with Scooby, fight with Dee Dee, play with Dexter and Jerry and scared of Mojo Jojo. Where we have saviors like power puff girls to save us, a friend like Doraemon to fulfill our needs and demands, where one of our friends like Johnny Bravo, flaunts everytime he sees a girl.

We go into the world where we escape from reality and live in fantasy. And, when that world comes to end, we enter into a real world which is standing with wide open arms saying “WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD, FIGHT TO LIVE”

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