Starlight to Certainty

May 9th 2018. 11:00 p.m.    Dear Stuck-in-my-head-forever, You know, it has to be mutual, or it means nothing at all. You had begged your way through chances but frankly my Dear, I couldn’t give you any. The scares that you inflicted and all the pieces of my heart that were left scattered in the wind... Continue Reading →

There is this divine moment in everyone's lives, where one has taken all that has come to their way and is simply done with it. It is at this moment that one realizes that the only person you need to make yourself happy, is yourself and it is at this point that your entire life changes.... Continue Reading →

Dec 3, 2017                                                                                                         ... Continue Reading →

Oct 17, 2017                                                                                                         ... Continue Reading →

“You must be wondering, Why had she attacked only that part which was so close to us? Why, out of all the things, she chose to cut off that sensitive thread which connected us? Why, out of all the strong moments, she decided to butcher mercilessly only soulful memory we shared?” Now Dear, let me... Continue Reading →

Sand Mandala

The story of a sand Mandala is constructed from the unique philosophy that bestows an effect of purification and healing. Post its construction, after hours of dedication, it is wiped out and reduced to its original form. Every day of our lives, we dream of being something big, something beautiful, and something meaningful. We dream to etch... Continue Reading →

 What if we all were more about 'Forgiving and Forgetting', rather than 'Complaining and Regretting',        

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