The world is a dangerous place. But this truth is as historic as it is futurist. I believe, almost everyone has been raised in an unbelievably condensed world where everything seems easy to access, be it the Coldplay’s music we listen to every day, the branded jeans we wear, the McDonald's burgers we eat, the... Continue Reading →

Yeah, you heard me right. I’m a sack of desires, a bundle of wants. Everyday, a gale of wishes rise in me and sweep away all the rationality with its roaring tides. I’m not ashamed to accept that an incessant hunger for ‘more’ keeps pushing me to delve in the deepest cores to unearth ‘Precious’,... Continue Reading →

Have you ever felt like you have all the joys of this world in your hold and then all of a sudden, from that moment, it all goes back to where you began. From where once you stood in a crowd full of people to the stage of utter isolation. From where you could taste... Continue Reading →

The Chronicle of one bad-ass weekend: When I woke up I was asked a simple but convoluted question at once, "Which side of the world am I on - the good or the bad ?" a rather strange awakening. But wait, are you also perplexed like I was? Well, don't be. Calm your nerves, breathe and give... Continue Reading →

Often, I come across posts like ‘Why live in the present?’, ‘5 reasons to stop planning too much and start living in your present’, or articles teaching ‘10 tips to start living in the present’. Each one of them tries to influence the reader's mind to believe in the gamut of words it has to... Continue Reading →

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