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You thought you were a diamond, But you were a piece of stone. With our sweat and hard work, You turned into gleaming gold. but, what a pity! When the time came to take price,   You decided to remain unsold. You made up excuses, Found thousands of lame reasons, Reasons to hide under that... Continue Reading →

A Haunting Future

Last night, I had dream, A very strange one.It told me something, Something I remember vaguely. All that lingers is that it was preparing me for something, But, I had no clue for what? I never had such a dream before, So weird and terrifying, Full of hate and agony. Brimmed with darkness and pain,... Continue Reading →

Sand Mandala

The story of a sand Mandala is constructed from the unique philosophy that bestows an effect of purification and healing. Post its construction, after hours of dedication, it is wiped out and reduced to its original form. Every day of our lives, we dream of being something big, something beautiful, and something meaningful. We dream to etch... Continue Reading →

A Bleeding Heart

And now when you are gone, And when I’m left all alone, My love for you Dear Remained unseen, unknown. Sitting in this silence, I feel you everywhere. I hear your whispers, Still floating in this air. The melody of your voice, Still echoes in my heart. Still refreshes my soul, The scent that your... Continue Reading →


Hey, Alice!, look over there, Look there is something nice. Behind the black curtains, A hidden magnificent beauty lies. Bob, I can't get anything, please elaborate a bit more. What's that black curtain, the beauty you talk about, is it that pure? Oh, Alice, you are nuts! Okay! Listen to me closely. I will explain... Continue Reading →


Should I keep trying? Should I keep crying? Even when I’m tired of falling down Should I still keep trying? Lies and Lies, All my life, I’ve been buying lies. backstabbing and disloyalty, every time, fidelity were rewarded with treachery. Still, on every moment, I tried complying. Should I still keep trying? Eyes and Eyes,... Continue Reading →


The splashes of water keep touching the face of a rock. Coming towards it with full force, trying hard to break its core. At any moment, each molecule of water, with its might, approaches the shore. Believing, it’s intense thrust or some magic will happen to weaken the strength of this big monolithic stone. But... Continue Reading →


I'm currently standing in this field - vast, yet surprisingly empty, Not a soul to be seen, neither dead nor alive, None to perceive. In this boundless pasture. I’m standing alone, and standing beside me is this tree. Tall, soaring to the sky, yet so quiet. For once, I m feeling at ease. But, Before... Continue Reading →

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