Should I keep trying? Should I keep crying? Even when I’m tired of falling down Should I still keep trying? Lies and Lies, All my life, I’ve been buying lies. backstabbing and disloyalty, every time, fidelity were rewarded with treachery. Still, on every moment, I tried complying. Should I still keep trying? Eyes and Eyes,... Continue Reading →


The splashes of water keep touching the face of a rock. Coming towards it with full force, trying hard to break its core. At any moment, each molecule of water, with its might, approaches the shore. Believing, it’s intense thrust or some magic will happen to weaken the strength of this big monolithic stone. But... Continue Reading →


I'm currently standing in this field - vast, yet surprisingly empty, Not a soul to be seen, neither dead nor alive, None to perceive. In this boundless pasture. I’m standing alone, and standing beside me is this tree. Tall, soaring to the sky, yet so quiet. For once, I m feeling at ease. But, Before... Continue Reading →


Dear Beloved, I 'm writing this verse to tell you that I'm madly in love with every bit of yours and can never have enough of you. You have bewitched my soul and fooled my mind. And for that, I love you most 'Ardently'. I love the way you look at me. Sometimes filled with affection,... Continue Reading →


Words! Words are all I have. But, I can’t promise, promise, if my words would be loaded with honey to sweeten your ears or dipped in intoxicating wine to make you lose sense and self, always. From quite a long while, I’m trying to fit in. the words I'm using, I can’t say, if they have... Continue Reading →


I waited endlessly for the sun to shine bright, My eyes all wide open to witness its breaking light. Couldn’t sleep for a second Kept thinking about it, Didn't want to miss a thing, So, I embraced that hopeful night. What will I do? When tomorrow, the Sun smiles at me. Made plans whole night,... Continue Reading →


If we were to be a bunch of almosts, We’d be almost best friends, We’d wait for each other at that crossroad, Wait for each other to come back to us and finally let out all the drama, We’d hold on to each other even after that big fight, Even after we said that we’d... Continue Reading →


I want to go back to those days Those days of mine, Those days with her, When we both were nine. Those days of summer, The nights of chilled cold, While the silence of morning broke, By the chirp of a cuckoo, the bird. When in the morning, We would rush for the school bus.... Continue Reading →


I won’t fall in love again. Because it hurts a lot. When someone you are in love with, Leaves you alone on that path. My eyes hurt from crying, My heart is tired of trying, Trying to erase her memories, Trying to root her out, Out of my heart and from my mind. I won’t... Continue Reading →

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