Hello Anyone, Welcome to the world of 6 billion population, you are dearly welcome here. so that you know, you are expected to share your food, your clothes, your happiness, your joy but not 'pain'. As no one cares if you die or live. You are on your own on this journey. Thanks & Regards... Continue Reading →

Big Decisions! Sometimes decisions are taken in a matter of seconds, or a flip of a coin and they change everything - good or bad these decisions may sound, but they are yours and you have taken them in your rightful mind for your good sake.  

Life, It can be a garden of Roses or a desert of Thorns, It can be a rain of Blessings or a storm of Curses Life, It is what you make it.       

Don't be scared of 'Bending Down' a bit before you shall 'Rise Again' like a 'Phoenix'.  

The World is colorful, so is our 'being'.  Sometimes red, sometimes pink, often blue and continually green.  The essence of very existence lies in this 'Rainbow', we see.   “I wish, I could be a Kid again”, a persistent wish of any grown-up living on this planet, and so is mine. How beautiful life would... Continue Reading →

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