People Today!

You thought you were a diamond, But you were a piece of stone. With our sweat and hard work, You turned into gleaming gold. but, what a pity! When the time came to take price,   You decided to remain unsold. You made up excuses, Found thousands of lame reasons, Reasons to hide under that... Continue Reading →

The Upside Down

Lost in an Upside Down, I met my own demon, dressed up as a clown. Luring me with his flashy tricks, But I knew I had to resist. It was a cheesy trap, To capture my soul in his hand. He was waiting for me, To let him prey on my peace, So when I get... Continue Reading →

Dec 3, 2017                                                                                                         ... Continue Reading →

Beautiful Forever

Today, you are looking beautiful Like you have always been. Your beauty won't fade away Even if it's not seen. Someone will feel it in his heart, and he might not say it ever but he knows it well, The Thing Of Beauty Is Joy Forever As you will always be beautiful to him. Always... Continue Reading →


ओ बन्दे, उठ जा! कब तक सोया रहेगा. जाग गया है अब तो सूरज भी, चल तू भी जग जा. सुन किसी ने तुझे पुकारा है. लगता है उसका बस तू ही एकलौता सहारा है. सुन तो, अरे  सुनले एक  बार  इस  की  गुहार. तेरे  बिना  यह  बेचारा बेसहारा है. मत घोट गला इसका, यह... Continue Reading →

Oct 17, 2017                                                                                                         ... Continue Reading →

A Haunting Future

Last night, I had dream, A very strange one.It told me something, Something I remember vaguely. All that lingers is that it was preparing me for something, But, I had no clue for what? I never had such a dream before, So weird and terrifying, Full of hate and agony. Brimmed with darkness and pain,... Continue Reading →

“You must be wondering, Why had she attacked only that part which was so close to us? Why, out of all the things, she chose to cut off that sensitive thread which connected us? Why, out of all the strong moments, she decided to butcher mercilessly only soulful memory we shared?” Now Dear, let me... Continue Reading →

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