ओ बन्दे, उठ जा! कब तक सोया रहेगा. जाग गया है अब तो सूरज भी, चल तू भी जग जा. सुन किसी ने तुझे पुकारा है. लगता है उसका बस तू ही एकलौता सहारा है. सुन तो, अरे  सुनले एक  बार  इस  की  गुहार. तेरे  बिना  यह  बेचारा बेसहारा है. मत घोट गला इसका, यह... Continue Reading →

Oct 17, 2017                                                                                                         ... Continue Reading →

A Haunting Future

Last night, I had dream, A very strange one.It told me something, Something I remember vaguely. All that lingers is that it was preparing me for something, But, I had no clue for what? I never had such a dream before, So weird and terrifying, Full of hate and agony. Brimmed with darkness and pain,... Continue Reading →

“You must be wondering, Why had she attacked only that part which was so close to us? Why, out of all the things, she chose to cut off that sensitive thread which connected us? Why, out of all the strong moments, she decided to butcher mercilessly only soulful memory we shared?” Now Dear, let me... Continue Reading →

Sand Mandala

The story of a sand Mandala is constructed from the unique philosophy that bestows an effect of purification and healing. Post its construction, after hours of dedication, it is wiped out and reduced to its original form. Every day of our lives, we dream of being something big, something beautiful, and something meaningful. We dream to etch... Continue Reading →

 What if we all were more about 'Forgiving and Forgetting', rather than 'Complaining and Regretting',        

Choice Poise

‘Choice’ seems like an easy word but the implications of this six letter word can be hazardous too. Ignore my sadism because I'm drunk in this broad daylight. This moribund surrounding is affecting my intestine and forcing me to gulp on. The faces of these people are making me lose my senses and the screen I'm... Continue Reading →

  Aug 28, 2017                                                                                                      ... Continue Reading →

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