What if we all were more about 'Forgiving and Forgetting', rather than 'Complaining and Regretting',        

Looking through a window of hope, through a clear lens, it's like a story to tell. All you need is to love again and all you need is to be loved again.     

If love is rose then fear is one thorn which pricks the very tender soul of it. 'Fear' - the insidious termite weakens the foundation of a relationship, and leave it to tremble every second, every moment it breathes.

The most bittersweet tonic of love  -  Teasing, 'Love in disguise' as it eats up the peace, makes people go mad, force them to hate but In the end, it's what we want to keep us 'ALIVE'.

Ambar & Zara - the duo, embarked on the journey just to find and realize the parts Unknown.   

The first of our little conversations between these innocent souls who mean the world to each other, featuring on finding 'Completeness'.

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