Starlight to Certainty

May 9th 2018. 11:00 p.m.    Dear Stuck-in-my-head-forever, You know, it has to be mutual, or it means nothing at all. You had begged your way through chances but frankly my Dear, I couldn’t give you any. The scares that you inflicted and all the pieces of my heart that were left scattered in the wind... Continue Reading →

A Haunting Future

Last night, I had dream, A very strange one.It told me something, Something I remember vaguely. All that lingers is that it was preparing me for something, But, I had no clue for what? I never had such a dream before, So weird and terrifying, Full of hate and agony. Brimmed with darkness and pain,... Continue Reading →

A Bleeding Heart

And now when you are gone, And when I’m left all alone, My love for you Dear Remained unseen, unknown. Sitting in this silence, I feel you everywhere. I hear your whispers, Still floating in this air. The melody of your voice, Still echoes in my heart. Still refreshes my soul, The scent that your... Continue Reading →

Yeah, you heard me right. I’m a sack of desires, a bundle of wants. Everyday, a gale of wishes rise in me and sweep away all the rationality with its roaring tides. I’m not ashamed to accept that an incessant hunger for ‘more’ keeps pushing me to delve in the deepest cores to unearth ‘Precious’,... Continue Reading →

“A girl was sold and was forced into the boiling hot strokes of agony to be ripped apart by the flames of lust. Everyday, she held the bars of small window and peeked outside imagining the world outside. One day, she dared and took off from that cage. Determined, she convinced herself that there was... Continue Reading →

Hey, Happy Birthday. Here is your gift, open it quickly. Ohh, Thanks. Wow, you got me a diary. Thanks, well, I always wanted one to write in. Now, you have to get me more. Yeah, I will give you more, but only if you fill this one with brilliant work. ‘Brilliant Work, Brilliant Work, Brilliant... Continue Reading →

Don't be scared of 'Bending Down' a bit before you shall 'Rise Again' like a 'Phoenix'.  

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