Colorful Riot

No, don't! Don't ask for my color as I'm not just One. I looked white on the day we crossed each others path, I turned yellow when we met for the first time, I remember, I kept changing to orange with each meeting of ours. It was pink when you smiled at me and I blushed... Continue Reading →

“You must be wondering, Why had she attacked only that part which was so close to us? Why, out of all the things, she chose to cut off that sensitive thread which connected us? Why, out of all the strong moments, she decided to butcher mercilessly only soulful memory we shared?” Now Dear, let me... Continue Reading →


Hey, Alice!, look over there, Look there is something nice. Behind the black curtains, A hidden magnificent beauty lies. Bob, I can't get anything, please elaborate a bit more. What's that black curtain, the beauty you talk about, is it that pure? Oh, Alice, you are nuts! Okay! Listen to me closely. I will explain... Continue Reading →

The first of our little conversations between these innocent souls who mean the world to each other, featuring on finding 'Completeness'.


If we were to be a bunch of almosts, We’d be almost best friends, We’d wait for each other at that crossroad, Wait for each other to come back to us and finally let out all the drama, We’d hold on to each other even after that big fight, Even after we said that we’d... Continue Reading →


I want to go back to those days Those days of mine, Those days with her, When we both were nine. Those days of summer, The nights of chilled cold, While the silence of morning broke, By the chirp of a cuckoo, the bird. When in the morning, We would rush for the school bus.... Continue Reading →

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