Colorful Riot

No, don't! Don't ask for my color as I'm not just One. I looked white on the day we crossed each others path, I turned yellow when we met for the first time, I remember, I kept changing to orange with each meeting of ours. It was pink when you smiled at me and I blushed... Continue Reading →

  Aug 28, 2017                                                                                                      ... Continue Reading →

A Bleeding Heart

And now when you are gone, And when I’m left all alone, My love for you Dear Remained unseen, unknown. Sitting in this silence, I feel you everywhere. I hear your whispers, Still floating in this air. The melody of your voice, Still echoes in my heart. Still refreshes my soul, The scent that your... Continue Reading →

Looking through a window of hope, through a clear lens, it's like a story to tell. All you need is to love again and all you need is to be loved again.     

Forbidden Love

She'd gotten it all wrong. She often went there after the day her heart was shattered at the hands of the perfect man. She'd pinned her hopes to the clouds only to be torn apart day by day, cloud by cloud. Ripped! Today, as she stood at the edge of that cliff slightly wiping off... Continue Reading →

I could have ended as a fragile voice trapped in the darkness of this world, a deserted soul wandering towards your dream. But you liberated me from the shackles of burdening conventional expectations and set me free.  Raina was a headstrong picture of sophistication, she was the perfect daughter, and the prettiest personification of ideals. She... Continue Reading →

These yellow pages tell the saga of my not so glorified but one-sided love. These meek notes are the companion of my lonesome soul waiting on this side of the world to meet someone lively next door. The night is young, the wind has gone wild, and the sky is clear with stars adding to its... Continue Reading →


Hey, Alice!, look over there, Look there is something nice. Behind the black curtains, A hidden magnificent beauty lies. Bob, I can't get anything, please elaborate a bit more. What's that black curtain, the beauty you talk about, is it that pure? Oh, Alice, you are nuts! Okay! Listen to me closely. I will explain... Continue Reading →


The splashes of water keep touching the face of a rock. Coming towards it with full force, trying hard to break its core. At any moment, each molecule of water, with its might, approaches the shore. Believing, it’s intense thrust or some magic will happen to weaken the strength of this big monolithic stone. But... Continue Reading →

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