A Bleeding Heart

And now when you are gone, And when I’m left all alone, My love for you Dear Remained unseen, unknown. Sitting in this silence, I feel you everywhere. I hear your whispers, Still floating in this air. The melody of your voice, Still echoes in my heart. Still refreshes my soul, The scent that your... Continue Reading →

The most bittersweet tonic of love  -  Teasing, 'Love in disguise' as it eats up the peace, makes people go mad, force them to hate but In the end, it's what we want to keep us 'ALIVE'.

Have you ever felt like you have all the joys of this world in your hold and then all of a sudden, from that moment, it all goes back to where you began. From where once you stood in a crowd full of people to the stage of utter isolation. From where you could taste... Continue Reading →


I want to go back to those days Those days of mine, Those days with her, When we both were nine. Those days of summer, The nights of chilled cold, While the silence of morning broke, By the chirp of a cuckoo, the bird. When in the morning, We would rush for the school bus.... Continue Reading →

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