Aug 28, 2017                                                                                                      ... Continue Reading →


Should I keep trying? Should I keep crying? Even when I’m tired of falling down Should I still keep trying? Lies and Lies, All my life, I’ve been buying lies. backstabbing and disloyalty, every time, fidelity were rewarded with treachery. Still, on every moment, I tried complying. Should I still keep trying? Eyes and Eyes,... Continue Reading →

Don't be scared of 'Bending Down' a bit before you shall 'Rise Again' like a 'Phoenix'.  


I waited endlessly for the sun to shine bright, My eyes all wide open to witness its breaking light. Couldn’t sleep for a second Kept thinking about it, Didn't want to miss a thing, So, I embraced that hopeful night. What will I do? When tomorrow, the Sun smiles at me. Made plans whole night,... Continue Reading →

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