Don't be scared of 'Bending Down' a bit before you shall 'Rise Again' like a 'Phoenix'.  

Have you ever felt like you have all the joys of this world in your hold and then all of a sudden, from that moment, it all goes back to where you began. From where once you stood in a crowd full of people to the stage of utter isolation. From where you could taste... Continue Reading →

The Chronicle of one bad-ass weekend: When I woke up I was asked a simple but convoluted question at once, "Which side of the world am I on - the good or the bad ?" a rather strange awakening. But wait, are you also perplexed like I was? Well, don't be. Calm your nerves, breathe and give... Continue Reading →

‘Arachnophobia’, ‘Mysophobia’, ‘Glossophobia’, ‘Xenophobia’, a mention of these complex words may bring jitters to you. You may start wondering the reason behind picking these jawbreaking terms? Well, just so you know, these are the most commonly found phobias among people across the world. Though she belonged to this same population, she was a little different;... Continue Reading →

He knew,  what was waiting on the other side of the road, but he was reluctant to cross it, claim it his, retain for always, and be contended because the taste of it would be worth a thousand battles - one against all uncountable odds. He could see it smiling at himself, positioned there from... Continue Reading →

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