Volunteering Episodes

A Leap into the World of Volunteering.

This is to one of the most “Satisfactory Job” I took up – the one which didn’t pay,  which didn’t offer any perks such as Yummy Lunches, well equipped Gym, or Company Outings, or Appraisal once in a year. It was rather the one which made me work sometimes on Rainy Days,  or under Scorching Sun. I was expected to be on foot most of the time, talk to the people I didn’t know about, and help them in every way I can. In return, I would get a smile and sense of contentment. This section highlights the most selfless deeds I ever did.  

I joined ‘CRY – an NGO for the welfare of child rights’ as a Volunteer. For almost a year and a half, I worked there in various capacities such as an event organizer, content creator, blog editor. By getting closer to these kids, working for them, teaching them something, listening to their dreams; everything can give anyone an immense sense of satisfaction.

So, I would say –
Start Where you are, Use what you have, Do what you can – be a Volunteer


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