Word Bytes

“ONE place for the tiny tales, quirky conversations, witty dialogues from within US”

Bringing you all, Ambar & Zara, the two little birds of this story – call them friends, besties, lovers or anything you want them to be. They possess the magic to make you fall in love with their story and start living their world at some point or you would wish them to live like yours at the other. They are the wanderers, the adventure seekers, the music lovers and the art admirers. They are the noobs who attempt to learn and the experts who love to share. They wish to witness the evolving world and welcome all its colors with their eyes and arms wide open. From A to Z, just like the initials of their names, they desire to grow beyond the world ends. For you, they can be the mysterious stranger you once met. They raise that impatient wish you have kept from the world with a dream of sharing it, someday. Ambar & Zara are two characters you would wish never die and become the person you want, to keep this journey going.
Follow  me to the world of ‘Ambar & Zara’ 

My old man has been telling me tales since I was born, which have influenced and shaped me into a person who I’m today.  Tales, which are real sometimes and sometimes not but they make sense to me and many more. Bringing you all such old tales, tiny packets of inner voice in words.
Join me in the illuminating sessions of ‘Old Monk Sayings’

No matter how old I get,  I can never abandon the innocent kid in me as he is the testimony to the wonderful childhood I once had. Reminiscing the long forgotten days in these lines with this kid from 90’s.
Come, join me,  let’s enjoy together and live those days again.



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